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Make your spiritual or religious life better: Change your perspective In regards to intractable specific problems Many religious and spiritual problems are “systemic”----meaning that they are part of they way we automatically do business.   As such, if we were to focus on why we do each thing, new possibilities will emerge for how to do and be even better.  Perhaps we can’t completely solve a spiritual or religious problem.  But there are ways to minimize it, to surmount it, or get around it!  Dr. Lyle’s books contain many practical suggestions---often things you’ve never thought of before---for breaking down the seemingly-impermeable walls that limit our aspirations.  In regards to mobilizing others to help us to do great things We are often frustrated by a lack of help or resources from other people.  Each of us can only do so much by ourselves.  We need others to help us.  But how do we get them to “pitch in” with their talents---and do so gladly and enthusiastically?  Dr. Lyle has unique books which help you expand your perspective to better understand how to best motivate and help others to help you.  Together we can use our God-given talents in a “synergistic” way.   By carefully reading Dr. Lyle’s books (which are written in a conversational, easy-to-read format), you may discover how to be far more successful and happy in your spiritual/religious pursuits!


Books by Dr. Daniel B. Lyle help you or your religious group: solve big spiritual problems energize your spirituality move effectively forward ever closer to God continually advance and improve for greater achievement and joy
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Find solutions to your worst spiritual/religious problems.
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